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Tree Mulching

Tree Mulching and Woodchipping

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Tree mulching is an economical solution to land maintenance and clearing, and also a process that produces woody mulch, which can be used for mulching.

Mulching done the right way will help improve soil moister, which would otherwise be lost through evaporation. It will also protect the roots of the plants or trees from extreme temperatures.

Additionally, it will impede weed germination and growth, as well as the development of particular plant diseases.

Furthermore, the decomposition of some mulch types resulted from tree mulching can help bring to a more desirable condition the soil aeration, fertility, drainage, and structure over time.

On top of all these, mulching not only improves the health of plants but also gives a pleasant, uniform look to your garden.

On the other hand, mulching done incorrectly can work to the detriment of your plants. It can induce too much moisture, which can lead to the rot of the roots.

Likewise, it may cause disease problems and favor insect development. Besides, too much mulching can suffocate your tree, not allowing enough air and water to pierce through.

Tree Mulching Services We Offer

North Sydney Tree Services will mulch branches that have cut for FREE. The mulch resulted, can be tipped on site for you to use in your garden or taken away – the choice is yours.

Our professional arborists can indicate and perform proper mulching that will help the plants on your property.

Also, once a stump has been ground out and is a pile of wood chips, the chips can be used as a mulch or compost to benefit trees and shrubs in the garden.

Chippings can be used immediately to cover paths or play areas, as they decompose slowly and soften the surface. If you have more mulch produced from tree mulching than you can use, you may be able to help a neighbor.

Consequently, tree mulching services will not only help you dispose of the unwanted branches or stumps but the resulting mulch can also be used for the benefit of your garden.

Also, if you would like to purchase garden mulch, please send us an email or call us on 0429 399 399.