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North Sydney Tree Services

North Sydney Tree Services is a family owned and operated business based in Sydney. We specialize in all tree services work, including:

We also provide yard clean-up or any other on-going scheduled services you might need in your garden.
No job is too small or too big; our professional tree loppers can handle everything from a simple tree trimming to a difficult tree removal requiring an expert climber or a crane.


Our Arborists are:

  • ☑ reliable
  • ☑ knowledgeable
  • ☑ certified
  • ☑ friendly
  • ☑ professional

Our services provide:

  • ☑ High quality
  • ☑ Low prices
  • ☑ Wide range
  • ☑ Follow-ups
  • ☑ 24/7 availability for emergencies


Not just North Sydney – Tree Services for everyone, anywhere in Sydney

Our team is proud to offer tree services work in all Sydney metropolitan area. Our clients range from residential, commercial, and industrial, to schools and public government jobs.

North Sydney Tree Services has the structure, tools, and expert labor to assist you with any jobs. We take pride in the delivery of our services, and we strive to provide reliable and complete customer satisfaction at competitive prices.

Our business grew steadily due to our punctual, reliable and professional services. Today, we are proud to say that our clients are our best ambassadors. Their satisfaction and referrals are helping us make our family business stronger than ever.

We look forward to the opportunity and privilege to service your property and count you among our valued clients.

Moreover, North Sydney Tree Services carry the proper licenses and insurance coverages. This is one more reason why we are the perfect choice for any jobs in your yard and on your property.

Have a look here to discover how you can select the best men for the job, and why we are the right choice.

We look forward to providing you an affordable, no obligation estimate. Therefore, when it is time for your next tree service project or an emergency tree removal, save time, money and hassle, and call Harry on 0429 399 399, or send us an email for a free quotation. We have the staff and equipment ready to assist you!

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Our Tree Services

North Sydney Tree Services provides all tree services work including tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, land clearing, yard clean-up, and on-going scheduled hedge trimming and gutter cleaning. No jobs are too small or too big; we can handle everything from a simple tree trimming to a difficult tree removal requiring an expert climber or a crane.

Tree Services Permit

For some tree services, tree removal, in particular, a permit might be required in order to proceed with the work. However, our experts at North Sydney Tree Services can assist you to determine if a council approval is needed. Furthermore, we can also help with the process of receiving a permit in case one is required.
You can have a quick look here at the trees that might require a permit for removal in your area.

We manage tree services throughout Sydney metropolitan area. If unsure, to determine if our professional arborists can provide their quality services in your area, please check here.

For a free no obligation quotation, please call us at 0429 399 399 or send us an email.

Our range of tree services work includes:

Tree Trunk Cutting

Tree Removal

Tree removal services are needed in times when a tree becomes too damaged from weather...

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Tree Cutting Northshore

Tree Pruning

Routine tree pruning and tree trimming to remove diseased, weak, or dead tree limbs can be done...

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Hedge Trimming and Shaping

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming ensures the hedge remains neat, tidy, and an attractive feature of your garden...

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Stump Grinding Services Sydney

Stump Grinding

Do you need help with property clearing, removing any trees, shrubs and brush to expand or...

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Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Do you need help with property clearing, removing any trees, shrubs and brush to expand or...

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Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the beauty and value...

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tree mulching and woodchipping

Tree Mulching

Tree mulching is an economical solution to land maintenance and clearing, and also a process that...

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Emergency Tree Services

Emergency Tree Services

Sydney Metropolitan Area residents have to deal with unpredictable, and sometimes...

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Why Should You Hire a Professional?

You can get a quote from someone with a chainsaw who will do your tree removal for half the price, or just for the wood. Be aware! Chances are they may be lacking education, safety experience, insurance, and tree skills which means they are putting you, your property, and themselves at risk. Tree removal is not one of Australia's most dangerous jobs without reason.

North Sydney Tree Services use the proper equipment and professional methods and techniques to remove trees without damage to property or loss of life. We pride ourselves on our professional, affordable, quality tree work and would never take advantage of our customers by over charging them. Next time you need any tree services on your commercial or residential property, trust the Sydney Tree Service experts at North Sydney Tree Services and call us at 0429 399 399.

Client Testimonials

"Thank you again Harry for your tree
service to our property in Crows Nest.
You have a vast amount of knowledge and
a professional manner."

Maria Schiller

"Thanks for our tree work. Your staff were
polite and helpful. We have recommended
you to our parents."

Ron Natul

"Awesome work from these guys! Removed
the tree completely and cleaned up after
there self leaving my house completely
clean without me asking."

Jackie DaSilva

"We used the services of North Sydney Tree
Services to remove a number of trees from
our block of land, some of which were quite
large. Prices are reasonable and I would
highly recommend them to anyone."

Mona Martin